History lives brightly in Canada’s very first incorporated city. 


Saint John


Saint John is the largest city in New Brunswick, and its old-world charm is on display around every corner. Here, Uptown delights (that’s how Saint Johners do “downtown”) like great restaurants, theatre, cafes, museums, and shopping, are balanced with opportunities to get closer to nature. The world’s highest tides, courtesy of the Bay of Fundy, are at the city’s doorstep. This once-industrial city is now a thriving smart city, and entrepreneurs and their families are making it home like never before.

  • Strategic location with low cost of living

  • Minutes to coastal driving, rivers and lakes

  • Fine restaurants and charming pubs

  • Live theatre, trade shows, sporting events, and concerts 

  • UNB campus, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick campus plus bilingual schools

  • Canada Games Stadium, Aquatic Centre and new YMCA facility

  • Home of one of Canada’s largest municipal parks – Rockwood Park 



Population of just under 112,000


A charming urban experience drenched in living history


Saint John facilities


This is an exciting program designed to better prepare family physicians to provide comprehensive patient care while fulfilling valuable leadership roles. This three-year program addresses the issues of family physicians in smaller communities, who frequently staff emergency rooms, and are therefore required to be highly trained and equipped to deal with patient care situations that their colleagues in larger centres would not encounter.

This three-year integrated CCFP/CCFP(EM) program covers the core competencies currently addressed with the two-year family medicine and the one-year emergency medicine programs 

  • Largest tertiary care hospital in New Brunswick; primary health care referral centre for all New Brunswick for major trauma and cardiac care

  • Access to two emergency communities – locally in Saint John and in rural locations 

  • Primary clinical settings are in Saint John. Whether at our uptown (central) Community Health Centre or in a community family practice, each resident gains exposure to comprehensive family medicine. In a busy, stimulating, environment, residents collaborate with key health care providers to optimize patient care—including nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dieticians, and occupational therapists. 

  • Rural clinical sites have been established in Upper River Valley and Miracmichi where family physicians provide comprehensive family medicine care and take leadership roles in the delivery of emergency care in rural hospitals

  • The Saint John Regional Hospital houses the Medical Education administration offices and offers a library/study area, computer work area, large resident lounge, numerous teaching rooms, simulation lab and fitness centre on site


Salary and benefits


During your residency in Saint John, as with all our residency sites, your salary will be very competitive.


$64,852 – $74,858

July 1, 2019 PGY1 - PGY3 salary amounts

The Curriculum


The core curriculum is based on residents completing both clinical and rotation blocks and integrated longitudinal experience in the various specialties, where competencies will be gained in a progressive nature.

Discussion and feedback will occur between resident and preceptor at each stage using a field note format. Tools such as benchmarking exams, presentations skills assessment, and other methods will be part of program.

During the core family medicine experience, the resident will complete clinical experiences in specialty areas as well, where the resident can apply their specialty based enhanced skills in a thorough and immediate way.

Residents attend both Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine Academic sessions including:

  • Practice based small group learning sessions

  • Family medicine and emergency medicine evidence based medicine rounds

  • Simulation/case based learning modules

  • Core faculty presented seminars

  • Resident presented common problem seminars

  • Exam preparation (written and practical) for LMCC Part II and both the CFPC Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine certification exams


Clinical experiences



  • Core family medicine

  • Emergency medicine

  • General medicine

  • General surgery

  • Obstetrics

  • Orthopaedics

  • Pediatrics

  • Community family medicine


To cross reference and compare the sites in our program, find more information by clicking below.


  • Cardiac Care Unit

  • Emergency medicine

  • Core family medicine

  • Geriatric medicine

  • Palliative care

  • Community family medicine

  • Electives


  • Cardiac Care Unit

  • Emergency medicine

  • Family medicine

  • Intensive Care Unit

  • Pediatric critical care

  • Community family medicine/Emergency medicine

  • Electives


Meet one of our passionate Saint John residents

Moving across the country from my home on the west coast and leaving behind my family was a scary concept. However, upon arriving in Saint John I found I was quickly embraced by the warm medical community and brought into the fold of the social resident scene. I have an incredible amount of support in all aspects of my residency, ranging from enthusiastic research support and social activity, from MarDocs to thoughtful academic support from my program. Thus far, Saint John has gone above and beyond to nurture my growth as a family and emergency medicine physician.

- Devon Webster, PGY1 FM/EM resident


Sound like a good fit?

If you want to learn more about a residency in the community of Saint John, New Brunswick, get in touch. Our Saint John staff would be happy to answer all of your questions.


Joan Wilkins
Site administrator 
(506) 649 - 2582 

Dr. Peter Ross
Site director, FMEM program
(506) 649 - 2582


Dr. Mandy Peach, associate chief resident, integrated family medicine emergency medicine